CBO Rules

Please visit www.extragive.org to start your application.

Participating organizations should read the following rules carefully. These rules as well as additional requirements and certifications are required to be reviewed and accepted with electronic signature during the online application process:

  • Eligibility requirements for applicant organizations:
    • Must be registered with the US Department of Treasury, Section 501(c)(3), Internal Revenue Code, and have a current tax-exempt status, OR be a bona-fide chapter or affiliate in good standing of a national organization that is registered with the US Department of Treasury, Section 501(c)(3), Internal Revenue Code, and has a current tax-exempt status. The Foundation will only partner with 501(c)(3) public charities that are sub classified as 509a1, 509a2, or 509a3 (Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3 Functionally Integrated) organizations. Status will be verified.
    • Provides services to Lancaster County residents.
    • Can certify that the organization has a current Bureau of Charitable Organizations (BCO) registration OR can include documentation as to reason for exemption.
    • Has had an audit of its fiscal operations completed within the last 2 years by an independent certified public accountant OR has had an independent financial review completed within last 2 years by an independent certified public accountant. View our audit policy here.
    • Can certify that it prepares and submits to the IRS a complete copy of the organization’s IRS Form 990 annually.
    • Must be in compliance with all statutes, executive orders, and rules and regulations restricting or prohibiting U.S. persons from engaging in transactions and dealings with countries, entities, or individuals subject to economic sanctions administered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.
    • Conducts publicity and promotional activities based upon its actual program and operations, and that these activities are truthful and non-deceptive, include all material facts, and make no exaggerated or misleading claims.
    • Has an active and responsible governing body, whose members have no material conflict of interest and a majority of whom serve without compensation, directs the organization.
    • Agrees to be a participant in the ExtraGive and abides by the guidelines of the program.
    • Like having an independent audit or financial review, it is a best practice for an organization in the community benefit sector to have an organizational nondiscrimination policy that is consistent with their legal requirements. This document helps demonstrate the organization’s commitment to not allow discrimination based on characteristics protected by federal, state, or local law or regulation. Donors will have the freedom to choose to view your document if they are interested. This approach creates transparency for our community. The Community Foundation does not require specific verbiage and is not doing any legal analysis of organizational approaches. 

  • Participating organization will receive a proportional share of a challenge “stretch pool” of funds granted by the Lancaster County Community Foundation. The stretch pool will be focused solely on number of unique donors to your organization. The more unique donors secured, the more bonus funds will be received. For example, if an organization’s unique donor count is 1% of all unique donors across every organization participating in the ExtraGive, then the organization will receive 1% of the stretch pool. A unique donor is one instance of a name, credit card, and address used together for each organization.
  • The ExtraGive is an online only fundraising program. For donations to be counted for the program, donations MUST be made by credit card through the ExtraGive.org website to the Foundation and designated to the Participant between the hours of 12:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM November 17.
  • The Community Foundation is assessing no fees itself to provide this program to participating organizations.
  • As with any credit card transaction, there are the typical transaction fees assessed by the credit card companies as well as technology and processing costs to execute the event. We are excited to bring you a model that means more dollars to your bottom line: a fee of only 4.99% per donation. This means that 95.01% of each donation designated for your organization in the 24-hour period will go directly to your organization! Donors will receive a tax deduction on the full donation amount. The total gifts to your organization before fees will be used as the basis for determining the stretch amount.
  • The Participant should promote the event to its donors through methods of its choosing and may take advantage of the Foundation’s promotional and marketing materials that are made available. Any paid promotional methods utilized by the Participant are solely at Participant's discretion and expense.
  • The Foundation will, in its discretion, promote the ExtraGive through its media partners and various websites and provide social media marketing kits and training to Participants. Participants will be entitled to an organization donation page and link to the page for use on event day. The Participant is responsible for providing description, organizational logo, and other media (photo, video) for use on personal donation page.
  • The Participant must submit a Certificate of Insurance to the Foundation prior to hosting any public event related to fundraising around ExtraGive. The Participant's commercial general liability policy shall be endorsed to include the "Lancaster County Community Foundation, its officials, employees and volunteers" as an "Additional Insured" with respect to liability arising out of or related to this service agreement or operations of the Participant, using the ISO form # CG2026 "Additional Insured - Designated Person Or Organization" endorsement or at least as broad, proprietary coverage form.

    If in effect, participant MUST follow all Pennsylvania guidance regarding COVID-19 safety precautions and public gatherings.
  • The Foundation will provide the Participant access to donor lists that includes contact and amount information for their specific donors. The access will be live commensurate with the start of the ExtraGive.
  • Donations are made by individual donors to the Community Foundation. As such, the Community Foundation generates all donation acknowledgements for tax purposes electronically via email, immediately upon donation. Individual donor credit card statements will show a donation to the “ExtraGive.” Donor information is never given or sold to a third party. Participating organizations may choose to follow up with an informal “thank you” correspondence, but this correspondence must not contain the amount of the gift or any tax language.
  • It is prohibited for participant organizations to donate from their own organization to their own organization or from an affiliated business to its participating business foundation.
  • The minimum gift per donor is $10. There is no limit on maximum gift amount.
  • Final payment report and payment is issued by the Foundation to the Participant via ACH transfer within 60 days of event close. Payment will include the amount of total donations received on behalf of the Participant net of GiveGab platform use fees and credit card transaction fees plus the Participant's share of the prorated stretch pool. The Participant is responsible for providing the information necessary to make the ACH transfer.
  • The Foundation reserves the right to disqualify any Participant from participating in the event and/or receiving stretch pool dollars at any time before, during, or after the event, if, in its sole discretion, it believes that there has been a breach of these rules and/ or deception on the part of the Participant. In addition, the Foundation will not knowingly make grants to Participants that the Foundation believes, in its sole discretion, intend to support or engage in hateful activities, whether online or offline.

NOTE:  Organization eligibility is based on verification of multiple criteria including, but not limited to: providing local services, current status as a recognized Section 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, compliance with applicable Federal and state laws, providing documentation of operational transparency through an audit, and providing documentation of a nondiscrimination policy as is consistent with organization's legal requirements.

The Foundation does not screen or select organizations based on their charitable purposes or missions. Therefore, approval of an organization’s participation does not constitute an endorsement of the organization or its mission by the Foundation or any of our partners. Each organization’s page provides its mission, but not necessarily detailed information on all its programs. For your additional research, each organization’s page includes a link to their website to provide more information on programs and use of funds.