Extra Give Socially Distant Events

This year ExtraGive will look different for all of us, and with COVID still among us, we all have had to get creative on how we host events and engage the public. We put together this document to share ideas of socially distanced events that your organization can host to create momentum around your organization, and mission, leading up to, and during, ExtraGive 2020.  

You can always include your own twist to these ideas. We will continue to update this document as we come across more ideas. If you have a creative idea or socially distanced event that can help organizations create momentum around their mission during ExtraGive, and would like to share it with the community, let us know! 

To prevent an outbreak of COVID-19, all Extra Give events are required to follow the current Pennsylvania State Guidelines. Resources and guidelines for businesses, CBOs, individuals, and families can be found here.

Lancaster County is filled with extraordinary and creative catalysts. Have an idea for a socially distant event? Let us know! We are open to all suggestions as long as they follow safety guidelines and restrictions. Submit an idea here or see what we've come up with below!

Fundraising Race 

Description: Encourage individuals to go on a socially distant walk with members of their organization or friend from the community and find ExtraGive displays or posters. Have them post a pic or short video on social media saying why they give extra for your organization and post on social media with the extra give hashtag. 

Documentary Watch Party 

Description: Stream a documentary that is related to your organizational mission or the work that you do, invite people, and have a larger panel discussion afterward. Promote the event as an ExtraGive event for your organization. Have an introduction where you talk about your organization and how the documentary relates to your mission. After the documentary, mention stories about how you have been able to leverage funds that you have received, invite someone that has been impacted by your organization to share a little about their story, and invite questions from the audience.

Virtual Tour of Facilities 

Description: Tour your local space and invite people to learn more about your location and organization. This tour can be a prerecorded video and you can be commenting as the video plays.

Auction or Raffle 

Description: Hold an auction or raffle throughout your virtual event with/to those at the event to promote attendance.

Viral Video Challenge

Description: 1. Ask for viral video submissions where participants connect ExtraGive and your organization’s mission. Similar to Ice 2. Your organization can recreate an existing viral video and include information on your organization in the beginning, end, or throughout the video (Examples of viral videos: Ice bucket challenge, tik tok dance videos ...) -- Could tag another organization to challenge them to do the video as well

Cutest Pet Contest 

Description: In the weeks leading up to Extra Give, organizations could collect submissions of photos of pets and share submissions through social media and the drive people to your website to vote. Mention it is an ExtraGive event and your participation in ExtraGive on social media posts and/or your website.

Business Partnership 

Description: Flower arranging class, Yoga, easy at-home one-pot meal, graphic designer, cocktail making. Host this with a partnering business organization that already has a clean, safe environment and procedures in place. Make sure to have ExtraGive decorations, photo booths, and info about your organization at the event.

Collaborative Art Piece or Mural 

Description: Having a large piece of paper where community members can drop by and put a painted handprint or why they love Lancaster/giving extra. Decorate it ExtraGive style and with your organization’s style. Have members of your organization start the piece off. Have paint and other materials available, and make sure to have gloves!

Pop-Up Extra Give Photobooth or Window Display

Description: Create an ExtraGive photobooth display outside your organization or a window display on your locations’ window. Encourage people to snap a picture, post on social media with a sentence about why they give extra, and tag your organization including the "#IGiveExtra" hashtag.

Extra Give Sign 

Description: In the weeks leading up to Extra Give individuals should be encouraged to take a picture if they see an Extra Give sign in a storefront window.

Organize A Car Parade 

Description: Have members of your organization, volunteers, and other members of the community who care about your organization’s mission decorate their cars ExtraGive style and with your organization’s flare. Invite them to start at a location at a certain time of day, and then all drive around your organization, or an event spot where a couple of members of your team are set up to show support for your organization. You can also just invite them to drive around there at any time of the day. Make sure to take videos, pictures, and post on social media including #IGiveExtra, and link to your organization’s ExtraGive page.

Fireside Chat with CEO, Executive Director, Board Members

Description: Stream a conversation with an organizational leader to get their reflections/thoughts on what's happening at the organization

Houseparty For Supporters

Description: Mail/drop off some special materials to help people celebrate at home